International Women's Coordinating Committee


Ms. Paddy Meskin, President, Religions for Peace South Africa, SOUTH AFRICA, Jewish

Representatives to the World Council

Dr. Lilian Sison, Secretary General, Religions for Peace Philippines, PHILIPPINES, Roman Catholic

Ms. Bedria Mohammed, Founder Ethiopian Muslim Women Association and Co-Chair, Ethiopian Women of Faith Initiative/EIFDDA, ETHIOPIA, Sunni Muslim

Ms. Christina Lee, Co-Director of the Center for Interreligious Dialogue, Focolare, SOUTH KOREA, Roman Catholic

Ms. Jin Wei, Vice President, China Christian Council, CHINA, Protestant Christian

Ms. Ravinder Kaur Nijjar, Co-Chair, Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network, UNITED KINGDOM, Sikh

Dr. Layla Alkhafaji, Director, International Relations, Al Hakim Foundation, IRAQ, Shia Muslim

Ms. Laura Vargas, Executive Secretary, Inter-reigious Council-Peru, PERU, Roman Catholic

Ms. Mila Islam, Executive Director, South Coast Inter-faith Council, UNITED STATES, Muslim