Global Interfaith Youth Network

Mission & History

Religions for Peace Global Religious Youth Network harnesses the energy and commitment of religious youth leaders around the world to advance its mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace. Through these diverse groups of young religious leaders, the Global Religious Youth Network mobilizes youth to confront some of our most urgent challenges – building peace, ending poverty, and protecting the earth. We build strategic partnerships with the United Nations, inter-governmental institutions, and civil society organizations; and implement international action campaigns such as the recent Arms Down! Campaign for Shared Security.

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Religions for Peace works with the Tanzanian Women of Faith Network to empower youth educators on HIV and AIDS, supported by the New Partners Initiative.


The Global Youth Network of Religions for Peace convened the Asian Religious Youth Leaders Summit in conflict-ridden Mindanao, where more than 100 youth called for peace.


Religious leaders demonstrate broad public support for the Global Day of Action to Ban Cluster Bombs.

Latin America

Religions for Peace participated in a regional meeting to help end the use and trade of small arms in Bogota, Columbia.

Middle East

The Religions for Peace Middle East/North Africa Council called for a re-starting of the peace process in the Holy Land.

North America

Religions for Peace convened senior religious leaders and government representatives for a high-level consultation on climate change at the United Nations General Assembly.