Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence is a robust knowledge hub that researches, documents, evaluates, shares and transfers experiences, lesson learned and best practices related to multi-religious efforts to transform conflict and advance development, with alertness to the importance of social cohesion. The Center equips and mobilizes multi-religious bodies to transform conflict and advance development, mindful of their linkages. It provides a unique platform that advances multi-stakeholder exchanges and, as appropriate, partnerships.


The Center of Excellence provides interactive webinars on a diverse range of topics including; conflict transformation, child protection, and climate change, amongst others. The Center also provides a web platform for online engagement and discussion panels for Faith Leaders on contemporary issues and to share lessons learned. Please check back periodically as we add our webinars to the site.


The Center of Excellence produces research, toolkits, evaluation material and videos on various topics, including resource materials produced by the Center for Interfaith Action.

Restoring Dignity

RfP is advancing the Restoring Dignity Campaign, a global initiative dedicated to engaging faith-based organizations, religious leaders, communities and individuals of faith for common action to end violence against women. This initiative included the adoption of restoring dignity statement by the RfP Executive Committee during its meeting in March 2011, the launch of a global campaign engaging religious youth to say NO to violence against women, small projects in seven countries and dissemination of over 4,000 of the Restoring Dignity toolkit. This campaign also includes an informational toolkit for Ethiopian Orthodox and Muslim Faith Leaders on Early Marriage and Female Genital Cutting.